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CFP: Informatica SI on Large Data Management in the Cloud!

We are collaborating with Informatica (EI indexd journal with a long history) to organize a special issue on Large Data Management in the Cloud. This special issue aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and progress in the cloud data management area. Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
-Cloud data management
-Cloud based infrastructure for big data storage and computing
-Emerging architectural frameworks for Big Data
-Data intensive scalable computing in the cloud
-Innovative data-intensive computing applications
-Grid and stream computing and system for big data
-Big data processing
-Data stream processing
-Big data as a service
More information is detaild in the link.


IJCA-2023912 is accepted!

After nearly five months in review, IJCA-2023912 is accepted by International Journal of Computers and Applications (EI indexed).


IJCEELL-61544 is accepted!

After nearly one year in review, my first paper related with virtualization teaching is accepted by International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning (EI indexed).


IJGUC Special Issue is sent for the publication process.

Recently, I have organized a special issue on Innovative Applications for the Cloud as published by International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing. Now it is on the process of publication with InderScience.


IJDSN-583686 and IJGDC: Your manuscript has been indexed

IJDSN-583686 manuscript has been indexed by EI (20141917689293) and SCI (000334228200001), and IJGDC manuscript has been indexed by EI (20142017707412).


IJDSN-583686: Your manuscript has been published

IJDSN-583686 has been published online.


IJDSN-583686: Your manuscript has been accepted

Three months ago, I submitted a paper titled "Multiple Wide Tables with Vertical Scalability in Multi-tenant Sensor Cloud Systems" to a special issue ("Advanced Applications of Wireless Sensor Network Using Sensor Cloud Infrastructure (AWSN)") of International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IJDSN, SCIE indexed). After major revision, I receive the acceptance notification.


IJAHUC-64242 and IJIIDS-69061 have been accepted

Recently, we have heard two good news about the acceptance of an EI indexed and a SCI indexed paper. In addition, I just submit another paper with major revision. Hope everything goes well in the year 2014.